BSides Oslo 2019

May 23rd, 2019 at MESH

Technical challenges of creating a CTF

Time: 13:00
Length: 45 minutes

There are many technical challenges when creating a CTF. Two members of TG:Hack will present an introduction to CTF, and the processes for creating and hosting a CTF. They will share insights into the process of creating tasks and the challenges of hosting and securing the CTF infrastructure. In the end, there will be demonstration of how to solve a typical CTF task.


Marit Iren R. Tokle

Marit is a Mobile Consultant at Sopra Steria. She is passionate about teaching cyber security as she continuously strives towards improving TG:Hack and the workshops, presentations and hacking competitions of the CTF group at the University of Oslo.

Bendik Hagen

Bendik Hagen works as a security analyst at Mnemonic, with a focus on network security and DFIR (digital forensics and incident response). In TG:Hack he creates tasks for forensics and reverse engineering. He also monitors and manages the CTF infrastructure.