BSides Oslo 2019

May 23rd, 2019 at MESH

Forensic analysis of privacy-focused mobile browsers in Android Devices

Time: 11:40
Length: 20 minutes

As users look for a more private way to browse the Internet from their smartphones, new mobile browsers continue to emerge to fill the gap previous browsers have failed to fill. Mobile browser forensics is becoming an important part of crime investigation, but is often halted due to challenges arising from diversity of devices, models, operating systems, security mechanisms and lack of tools.


Lorena Carthy

Lorena Carthy is finishing a bachelor's degree in Digital Forensics at Noroff University College (Norway), with a thesis in SOCMINT and its impact on Norwegian society. Meanwhile, she is also working as a DFI Trainee at the FTS Lab in PwC Oslo. She loves everything forensics and cats.

Ruben Jernslett

Ruben Jernslett is currently finishing his bachelor's degree in Digital Forensics at Noroff University College, with a thesis in IoT Forensics. He's a DFIR enthusiast that enjoys competing in CTFs.